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Tolerisk Case Study

Financial SaaS Company Website Design

Tolerisk offers a comprehensive investment risk tolerance assessment tool for financial advisors, focusing on both clients' willingness and ability to take risks. It provides customized portfolio analytics, retirement planning, and supports 401(k) participants. The platform integrates with other financial tools, enhancing practice growth and compliance. Tolerisk emphasizes detailed, scientific measurement of risk tolerance to provide actionable investment advice, improving client understanding and decision-making.

Project Scope:
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Tasked with transforming the digital presence of a math-intensive financial SaaS platform, I collaborated with the Tolerisk team to re-design their existing marketing website built on WordPress. With a critical timeframe tied to the impending application release, I aimed to rapidly and comprehensively re-build the client-facing marketing site, requiring us to work collaboratively and efficiently to meet the tight deadline.

financial saas platform website home page design


The primary challenge of this project was transforming the digital presence of Tolerisk, a math-intensive financial SaaS platform, under a critical timeframe linked to an impending application release. The project required a complete re-design of their existing WordPress marketing website. This necessitated rapid, comprehensive development and seamless collaboration between our design agency and the Tolerisk team. Efficient communication and meticulous project management were essential to meet the tight deadline without compromising on the quality or functionality of the new client-facing marketing site.

mockups of a financial saas company website design pages


To address the challenges, we implemented a multi-phase strategy:

Assessment and Planning: Conducted a thorough analysis of the existing WordPress site and gathered requirements from the Tolerisk team to ensure all necessary features and content were identified.

Collaborative Design: Worked closely with Tolerisk to create a user-friendly and visually appealing design, ensuring it aligned with their brand identity and the complexity of their financial SaaS platform.

Rapid Development: Utilized agile development methodologies to accelerate the re-building process, allowing for iterative feedback and adjustments.

Integration and Testing: Ensured seamless integration with existing systems and conducted rigorous testing to identify and resolve any issues promptly.

Launch and Support: Successfully launched the new marketing site within the tight deadline and provided ongoing support to ensure smooth operation and performance optimization.

Responsive design layouts of a financial SaaS company website


The project culminated in the successful launch of a fully redesigned marketing website for Tolerisk, delivered on time despite the tight deadline. The new site not only enhanced the visual appeal and user experience but also improved functionality and performance. This transformation boosted client engagement and provided a solid foundation for future growth. The collaborative effort and agile methodology ensured that the Tolerisk team was satisfied with the outcome, achieving their goal of a stronger digital presence to coincide with their application release.

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We hired Mike as a freelance front-end developer to redesign and implement our WordPress marketing site. Mike is the consummate professional. He did what he said he’d do, which is what we asked him to do, and did it in a timely fashion. His work quality is excellent and we would hire him again for the next project. Mike is a no-nonsense, get down to business, type of person. 30 minute meetings were generally done in 15 minutes and we were very happy with the process.

— Mark Friedenthal, Founder & CEO, Tolerisk

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new updated design

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