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OneSource Virtual Case Study

Payroll Company Website Design

OneSource Virtual specializes in providing outsourcing services for payroll, benefits, finance, and accounting, integrated with Workday software. They offer solutions that automate administrative tasks, streamline operations, and improve accuracy and efficiency through AI and ML technologies. Their services help businesses manage payroll, taxes, payments, and benefits, ensuring compliance and reducing costs. They also focus on enhancing the employee experience with financial well-being solutions and digital wallets. Their support team has extensive industry and Workday experience.

Project Scope:
Discovery Call,HubDB,HubSpot CMS,redesign,Responsive Design,sitemap,UI design,UX design,
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As a freelance developer, I was approached by OneSource Virtual (OSV), a leading provider of in-application Workday services, including payroll, benefits, accounts payable, and tax solutions. OSV recognized that their existing website needed a complete overhaul to better reflect their innovative solutions and user-centric approach. They entrusted me with the task of transforming their online platform. My role was to create a HubSpot website that not only enhanced their digital presence but also effectively communicated their expertise and value propositions to their target audience.

In this role, I brought my expertise in user experience (UX) design, front-end development, and HubSpot development. I understood that a well-designed website is crucial for businesses like OSV, which operate in highly competitive markets and need to clearly differentiate themselves from their competitors. I focused on creating an intuitive, visually appealing website that would engage visitors and convert them into leads.

home page design for payroll company


One of the primary challenges we faced during the redesign was the integration of a robust resources section with gated content. OSV wanted to establish a repository of premium resources, such as whitepapers, case studies, and industry reports, to showcase their expertise and generate leads. The challenge lay in creating a seamless and user-friendly experience for accessing these resources while implementing a secure gating mechanism to capture essential user information.

Balancing user convenience with data collection was a unique challenge. I needed to ensure that the gating mechanism was not intrusive and did not disrupt the user experience. This required a strategic approach to design and functionality, ensuring that users could easily navigate the resources section and access the content they needed while providing their information in a straightforward and secure manner. My skills in UX design, combined with my understanding of user behavior and data privacy, were critical in addressing this challenge.

design mockups for payroll company website design


To address the challenges, I collaborated closely with the OSV marketing team to develop a new site structure and content layout. We started by mapping out the user flow, ensuring that visitors could easily find and access the information they needed. I created wireframes that outlined the new layout, focusing on a clean and intuitive design that would enhance the user experience.

Working together with the brand identity designer, we ensured that the new website had a consistent and distinct look and feel that aligned with OSV’s brand identity. This involved selecting a color scheme, typography, and imagery that reflected their professional and innovative approach. We also developed a custom-built HubSpot theme to provide the flexibility and functionality needed for the website.

The resources section was designed to be easily navigable, with clear categories and search functionality. The gated content was implemented using a secure form that captured essential user information without being intrusive. This approach ensured that users could access valuable resources while providing OSV with the data needed for lead generation. My expertise in front-end development and content management systems was crucial in building this custom solution.

responsive design mockups for payroll company website


The result of this collaborative effort was a redefined digital footprint for OSV. The new website not only aligned with contemporary design standards but also significantly enhanced their brand narrative. The integration of gated content effectively showcased OSV’s expertise and served as a powerful lead generation tool.

The new site structure and layout improved the user experience, making it easier for visitors to find and access the information they needed. The visually appealing design helped to engage visitors and convey OSV’s professional and innovative approach. The custom-built HubSpot theme provided the flexibility and functionality needed to support OSV’s ongoing digital marketing efforts.

Overall, the project was a success, delivering a dynamic and user-centric website that effectively communicated OSV’s value propositions and expertise. The new website not only improved user engagement and lead generation but also positioned OSV as a leader in their industry. My skills in UX design, front-end development, and content strategy were instrumental in achieving these results, demonstrating the value of a well-designed and strategically developed website.

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Mike is an incredibly talented designer who has an intuitive grasp of what his clients are looking for. He also reads and listens to client goals, instruction, and feedback really well. It’s rare that he misinterprets a client request. He’s also fast and reasonably priced. A great choice for your next website project.

— Scott Baradell, Founder, IdeaGrove PR Agency

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